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Electronic Barking Dog Alarm

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Electronic Barking Dog Alarm

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The Barking Dog Alarm is ideal for your home, office, store, business, or any place that would benefit from having a security dog. Except you don’t have to feed, water, walk it or take it to the vet. It scares would-be intruders away by imitating the sound of a vicious barking dog (or an alarm) whenever anyone approaches.
The barking dog alarm is used to provide early warning against intrusion and to make people think twice before breaking in. According to the US Department of Justice, “a dog’s presence is a close substitute for human occupancy and most burglars avoid houses with dogs”.
It uses non-harmful microwaves to “see” through walls and activate either an alarm, a chime, or the recording of a dog barking as soon as motion is detected. The chime can be used by store owners to let them know a customer has entered the store or at home as an automatic doorbell to alert you to visitors approaching.
Please note that it will sense motion through most walls (wood, cement, brick, stucco, glass, etc.) but will not work through metal walls, walls with metal studs, tinted glass, or extremely thick walls.

• The microwave signal can “see” through walls and detect someone approaching from over 1-21 feet away
• Three modes: barking dog, chime, or alarm
• Powered by an AC adapter (included) or 8 AA batteries (not included) for temporary use during a power outage
• The sounds will play differently depending on how long motion is detected for.
• Bark:
1 short bark for one trigger within 5 seconds
3 short barks for two triggers within 5 seconds
10 seconds barking for three triggers within 5 seconds or receive wireless sensor trigger
• Chime:
When using this mode, the motion trigger will activate a DING-DONG sound.
• Alarm:
3 seconds alarm for one trigger within 5 seconds
6 seconds alarm for two triggers within 5 seconds
20 seconds alarm for three triggers within 5 seconds or receive wireless sensor trigger/PANIC button is pressed.
• Wireless remote control to arm/disarm the unit, or activate the panic alarm in case of an emergency
• Long-range remote control (60 feet through open space).
• Wall Mounting available
• Measures 6 ¾” x 6”x 4 ½”
• Warranty: 1 year
• Additional remote control and motion detector accessories available separately. (HA-MOTION, HA-MOTION-OD, HA-REMOTE) These will add additional coverage without the need for an additional unit. Can add up to 16 additional sensors to this product.

• Barking Dog Alarm
• Remote with battery
• Instructions
• AC Adapter
• Mounting Screws

Weight 3.65 lbs


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