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Can You Carry A Stun Gun?

Not too long ago I found myself in a discussion on social media site, with a person who was making some claims about Stun Guns …

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Affiliate Program Comes to 1st Discount Safety

EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!! Exciting news!  1st Discount Safety has gone live with its new Affiliate Program.  We are excited to launch this …

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What is going on at our College Campuses? Stun Guns for Protection!

Have you read the news lately?  It looks as if every time I search for campus crimes, I am flooded with multiple stories about crimes …

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Stun Guns And The 2nd Amendment

Better late than never, but I wanted to make sure I posted this and get some reactions.  Back in March The Supreme Court made a …

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Slider Stun Guns 10 Million Volts

NEW: The Slider Stun Guns 10 Million Volts have hit the shelves!!!!! We are very excited to have these great little beauties available for our …

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As a Realtor, Don’t be a Victim of Crime.

I was at a show this weekend and many of the customers that spent time with me were talking about their safety and defending themselves were …

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Pool Safety is a Must

Pool safety is a must especially if you own your own pool.  As we start to see warmer weather, the unfortunate truth is that we will …

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A students guide from a concerned parent on avoiding being assaulted on a College campus!

As I prepare to send my daughter off to college, I can not help but think about the dangers she may face. All you have …

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Mace or Pepper Spray, Which Do You Need?

If you are considering the purchase of a chemical deterrent for your self-defense needs, then you are undoubtedly aware of the difficulty associated with the …

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Personal safety

I had an interesting conversation while i was traveling last week with a wonderful lady concerned about her safety.  The conversation covered a lot of …

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Hidden cameras for business owners

As a business owner you work very hard to make your business successful.  You work long hours and often don’t take anytime for yourself.  Eventually you …

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Diversion Safes can save the day

Have you ever considered the different ways you can protect your valuables whether at home or when you travel?  As a person who travels extensively, I …

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Protect yourself with a Dashboard Cam…

“Dashboard Cameras” are becoming a common piece of equipment in many vehicles. When we are driving on the roads, thousands of these cameras are constantly recording almost every …

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Running with My Wildfire Pepper Spray

I don’t know about you but for me a long run after a hard day’s work is just what the doctor ordered.  No matter where …

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Saved my life….

My wife had always worried about me driving long distances and left me a few items to ensure my safe return from traveling long distances …

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Are you ready for Shopping at the Malls?

Can you Believe that we are already on the verge of another holiday shopping season?  In a very short time hordes of people will be …

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Curiosity may be reason enough?

Did you ever wonder whether using a “Nanny-Camera/Hidden Camera” is legal? The answer may be surprising to many, but it is legal in all 50 …

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Home protection

Have you noticed the increased amount of home invasions in what used to be quiet neighborhoods?  I was sitting on my porch enjoying my cup …

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Security Cameras = Safety

Police have arrested a man in connection with a string of burglaries in a usually safe community in South Florida. You never know when your …

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Hello world!

Welcome to our new Website. At 1st discount safety we are dedicated to supplying quality non-lethal Safety, Security, and Survival equipment, at competitive prices.  From …

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