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Diversion Safes can save the day

Have you ever considered the different ways you can protect your valuables whether at home or when you travel?  As a person who travels extensively, I often think of how I can make sure that the things I hold most dear are safe. Whether at home or away, I have found that Diversion Safes are a great resource to protect my valuable.

At Home I worry about the little things.  My Great Great Grandmothers jewelry that has been passed down for generations as well as the other valuables, that if taken would be a great loss.  So how do you protect them if you don’t have the means to purchase a big safe?  Diversion safes are the inexpensive answer.  I started looking and found a wide variety to choose from. From books with a hidden safe to Soda cans, not to mention the various other household items that you would never suspect.  After much consideration, I picked a wall clock that I could use in my den and that no one would ever suspect.

So what about when you travel?  I don’t know about you, but I am one of those travelers that doesn’t feel comfortable leaving anything in my hotel room.  I am sure that most of the staff that cleans  the rooms are hardworking and trust worthy, but it only takes one.  You don’t want to leave things in your rental car, so you are forced to leave them behind in your room and hope for the best.  You hide things in your cloths, dirty Laundry or some other secret spot, never knowing if it will be there when you return.  Again I went and searched through the Diversion Safes and found the perfect safe.  Can you guess which one I picked?  Nope?  well I figured that one of the most common things any traveler might have would be shaving cream, and yes I found a safe that looks like my standard can of shaving cream.  Imagine that!

Diversion Safes are a great inexpensive way to protect your valuable and not a bad gift if you are looking for that one thing, for the person who has everything.  I for one now feel much better knowing that the odds are on my side.

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