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Protect yourself with a Dashboard Cam…

“Dashboard Cameras” are becoming a common piece of equipment in many vehicles. When we are driving on the roads, thousands of these cameras are constantly recording almost every move that we make. Every aspect of our daily commutes can possibly be recorded and because of that, we must be more careful and vigilant than ever on the roads. We have all seen the viral videos. Smack, another deer hits a windshield, a meteor streaks across the sky  and of course, the slippery icy road with the jack-knifed tractor trailer.

Dashboard Cameras catch many things on tape, but not only do they collect a series of viral video highlights, they can also catch things on camera that can save you a lot of headaches with insurance companies and even protect you from litigation in case of road rage incidents. Some may even argue that a” Dashboard Cam” may even help in protecting intruders or vandals on your property if they are caught in the act while the camera is rolling.

Car accidents are often “He Said/She Said” incidents where there are two sides to every story and then the actual truth. The ‘Dashboard Cam” can eliminate the confusion. In the case of insurance fraud, where someone may purposely walk into your vehicle, a “Dashboard Cam” will eliminate any confusion of how an incident occurred.

The “Dashboard Cam” that I recommend is the “Mini DVR Car Dash Camera

 This machine has many features such as :

(1) Built-in double lens can be used to take two images at front and back at the same time;

(2) Newly added GPS module can record the whole driving track. Using specialized software, you can see the video at computer, at the same time connect Google map through the Internet. Driving track shows on the map and you can trace the running route of the vehicle.

(3) Built-in gravity sensor G-Sensor can record the gravity sensing information. Using specialized software, you can see the video at computer, at the same time read the gravity sensing data to trace accident and abnormal circumstance occurred in the running process

Includes: Car DVR, Car charger W/GPS module, vehicle mount, and manual.

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