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Have you noticed the increased amount of home invasions in what used to be quiet neighborhoods?  I was sitting on my porch enjoying my cup of coffee and realized how easy it would be to break into my home.  Living with my back to a preserve, no one would see anyone from the back breaking in.  I decided to do something about it and started looking for cameras for my home.  As I started to look, I realized that I don’t need to have live cameras surrounding my home but could probably use some dummy cameras in places to give the impression of security.  WOW in a short time I had what I needed and quickly installed them along with the DVR I had also found.  I would say about a week later I was talking to my neighbor, who was telling me about a break-in he had heard about.  It happened only 3 blocks from my home so I decided to go back and review the dvr for that day.  You wouldn’t believe what I saw.  2 guys were walking around my home and when they looked up and saw the cameras they quickly ran away.  I was then and am now very happy with what I put up and I am positive it saved me from being a victim of crime.

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