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Curiosity may be reason enough?

Did you ever wonder whether using a “Nanny-Camera/Hidden Camera” is legal? The answer may be surprising to many, but it is legal in all 50 states if they are placed in areas that a people may expect there to be surveillance. However, in 13 states, it is prohibited to place hidden cameras in private spaces where an individual may expect privacy.

To many, it is not a question of legality, but the feeling of curiosity that wins out in the end when it comes to the decision of using a “Nanny Cam/Hidden Camera”. What happens in the home or the work place when we are away is a complete mystery that can be solved with the placement of one or multiple cameras. It is up to the person who is placing these cameras in the dwelling as whether to inform the occupants or place them in secrecy.

 Many people use the “Nanny Cam” when they hire a babysitter or caretaker for their child or loved ones and want to see what is happening during the time they are away. The internet is littered with stories of abuse that would have otherwise gone un-noticed if it were not for a “Nanny-Camera/Hidden Camera”. These could be both physical and mental abuses that can easily be stopped before any permanent damage is done. It may even be a good idea to let the person in charge of your loved one sign a document stating that they are aware of the presence of cameras. This in itself will be a deterrent for them causing any harm to your loved ones when you are away.

 In the work place, the “Nanny-Cam/Hidden Camera” can prevent shortages and even protect the employees of business during questionable situations. As in the case of a hidden camera in the home, it may be a good idea to let all employees and customers know that there is a camera on premises. The temptation of a robbery or an employee may be eliminated with a well-placed unit.

 In any case, the safety and wellbeing of our loved ones and protection against any harm or wrong doing may be prevented with the proper placement of a “Nanny Camera/Hidden Camera”.


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