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I had an interesting conversation while i was traveling last week with a wonderful lady concerned about her safety.  The conversation covered a lot of different areas, but finally settled on home safety.  She described how it was when she drove home at night and what her neighborhood looked like.  How when she gets home she knew that she would see people on the streets and was always worried about what they were doing.  Enough so that she finally had decided to do something about it.  She was going to get some cameras for her house so we spent the next few minutes talking about different types of cameras and DVR’s that she could install.

The next day I saw her again and she stopped to tell me how much she had enjoyed our conversation.  She then described more about her neighborhood and that she felt she needed to buy a gun.  WOW!!  I quickly asked her if she had ever owned a gun and she said no. Now I am an advocate for everyone having the right to protect themselves and owning a gun is your right, but without the proper training and knowledge it could be a mistake.  I told her could bore her with the statics of how many accidental shooting occurs every year but won’t.  Instead I told her about the benefits of Pepper Sprays and Stun guns.

People just want to feel safe in their homes and neighborhoods and I am glad to say that we have many of the items that can provide you with security.

Here is a nice video clip of pepper spray in Acton.

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