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Mace or Pepper Spray, Which Do You Need?

Woman spayingIf you are considering the purchase of a chemical deterrent for your self-defense needs, then you are undoubtedly aware of the difficulty associated with the decision. Not only are there so many interesting brands to choose from, but many people are unsure if there is even a difference between Mace and Pepper Spray. well guess what? There is!

Following is an important compilation of all the need to know info to help you make the most enlightened choices on the path to self-protection.

Pepper Spray

First of all, let us discuss pepper spray and how it can be a potent tool. the potency of pepper spray comes from Oleoresin Capsicum, the same stuff that makes the Habanero chili such tasty treat. The reaction from contact with oleoresin capsicum, or simply OC, is blindness for up to 30 minutes depending on the length and amounts of exposure.

There is also intense irritation to the skin, runny nose and massive tearing as well. The potency of a pepper spray can be rated by SHUs or Scoville Heat Units. The higher the Shus, the higher the intensity the more potent the stopping power. Some can get as high as 1,000,000 SHUs, these varieties make an especially effective self-defense against assailants and are often used by law enforcement.


In the other hand, we have mace. Mace combines all the spicy flavor of OC and the crunch of CS Tear gas to bring assailants to a grinding and blinding halt. About 10% of Mace’s total content is concentrated pepper spray with the rest being CS tear gas, which is known to give some nasty burns and irritations but is still non-lethal.

Mace has been found potent enough to deter a bear or an attack dog. The reputation that Mace has throughout the world has made it a household name and it really needs no introduction.

Mace or Pepper Spray — Which Do You Need?

So many people wonder which is the best for them, a fairly common question. The answer is mostly left to your personal need and preference; a more potent chemical deterrent is always more effective. Certain states, Michigan for instance, only allow the use and purchase of specially Michigan Approved Mace products, no others are allowed.

If you work for law enforcement, perhaps a more potent apparatus would serve your line of duty. Special police grade Mace is also available, with significantly higher levels of OC combined with CS Gas. Pepper power is truly the way to go when bringing down a human.

But maybe a more comprehensive protection plan is in order. In which case, Mace is available in a nice variety of apparatus from inconspicuous paper weights to intimidating mace batons. Mace is also all-inclusive, and is an effective and non-lethal way to fend off bears, cougars, dogs and any other marauder from the animal kingdom in addition to human thugs. Pepper spray might not be as effective in some of these situations.

The first step to finding the best defense for you and your situation will be by listing out the things you would like and the defense you need, then have this on hand when you contact a distributor of self-defense products so they can guide you to the most appropriate solution.

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