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Slider Stun Guns 10 Million Volts

pink Slider Stun GunNEW: The Slider Stun Guns 10 Million Volts have hit the shelves!!!!!

We are very excited to have these great little beauties available for our customers in 5 vibrant colors.  They come in Black, Blue, Pink, Gold and Silver.  These Slider Stun Guns are only 3 1/12 inches X 1 inch X 1/12 in and look like a simple flash drive.   With 4.9 milliamps, you can be rest assured that your attacker will go down.

These guys are great for men or women and are the smallest stun guns we have found.  They are perfect any runners  or joggers out there and as well as anyone who just wants a little extra protection with out having to weigh themselves down.

Just think about all the times that you were in a place and did not feel safe.  Imagine if you had the slider stun gun with you, how would you feel then?  Awesome I would bet!!

Soon many college students will be going off for their first time away from home, and wouldn’t this be a perfect going away present for them.

Take a minute and check out the selections of Slider Stun Guns 10 Million Volts we have on our website and you won’t be disappointed.

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