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What is going on at our College Campuses? Stun Guns for Protection!

1 in 4 women experience sex assaults on campus
1 in 4 women experience sex assaults on campus

Have you read the news lately?  It looks as if every time I search for campus crimes, I am flooded with multiple stories about crimes that have occurred.  Here is a one story that I think clearly illustrates the challenges going on our college campuses today.  The article talked of the arrest of 2 individuals for whom are facing multiple charges to include Sexual assault at the University of British Columbia.  It proceeds to illustrate additional attacks that have happened.

Colleges are taking steps to make campuses safer, but it does not take away from our right to protect ourselves.   There are many choices, but one we recommend would be stun guns for protection.

Barry Eccleton, UBC director of campus security, says a string of unsolved attacks since 2013 have prompted officials to install security cameras, emergency phones, and improved lighting on campus.

Despite these efforts, the school has still been plagued by reports of a prowler.

“A sexual assault is something that just horrifies us, and something that we don’t like to hear about, obviously,” said Eccleton.

“Certain people will be attracted to an environment like ours, and our job is to make sure that we keep the campus as safe as possible.”

On March 25, a 20-year-old female student was walking alone when the man emerged from a wooded area and grabbed her from behind. He proceeded to shake her violently and force her to the ground, rubbing his midsection against her back in a sexual manner, according to University RCMP.

The woman fought off her attacker – who fled – and called 911. She was treated for minor bruising to the side of her head.

Just one week later, a young woman spotted a man pressing himself against a window in the lounge area of Marine Drive residence Building 5.

The man then made an unsuccessful attempt to break into the building, according to an email that was sent out warning the campus community.

Three weeks ago, Jason Anthony White, a high-risk sex offender wanted on Canada-wide arrest, was taken into custody on UBC campus.

Officials are warning students and residents to take precautions to protect themselves. Suggestions include walking with a friend, being aware of surroundings, and not allowing strangers to “tailgate” into apartment buildings.  Full article click here:

The ongoing stories that are coming out about rapes and assaults on our nations campuses are a clear statement of how unsafe things have become.  Maybe these things have always been around, but I don’t remember this many incidents when I went to school.

As a father of teenage girls, who will soon be going off to College, I for one am going to make sure they can protect themselves.  Stun Guns for protection is a great viable option and one that we at 1st Discount Safety would strongly recommend.

Be safe

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