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Are you ready for Shopping at the Malls?

Can you Believe that we are already on the verge of another holiday shopping season?  In a very short time hordes of people will be flocking to the Malls for their annual rush to get the best deal.  Store are opening earlier and earlier to make that extra buck.  Honestly I just don’t get it!

Unfortunately, with all the holiday shoppers there will be those that are out to take advantage of people.  They will be looking for the shoppers for example, who take their purchases out to their cars so they can drop them off and go back for more.  As soon as the shopper is back in the mall BAM, they will break in and steal what they can.  Situations like this can be avoided but if you absolutely must drop something in your car make sure it is in the trunk.

But what about the things that just happen?  The things, that as aware of your surrounding that you may be, you find yourself in a situation that places you or your family in harm’s way?  Have you thought about what simple measures you can take to provide some safety?

I remember an incident once, that a college student was walking back to the campus from the Mall and found herself in predicament.  Luckily, her father, one of those protective sorts, had insisted that she always carry her Wild Fire Pepper Spray Key chain as well Stun master LIL guy Pink stun gun in her purse.  She always complained but carried them just to make her father happy.  Well this night she was grateful, because when the person approached and tried to assault her, she quickly pulled out the first thing in reach and before she knew it had Stun master LIL guy stun gun in hands and on.  A press of the button and criminal heard the Stun gun go off and ran away.  You can bet that she called her Dad and thanked him for insisting on being prepared.

This holiday season you can never be to prepared.  Take time to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe.

Have a wonderful and most importantly SAFE Holiday season……

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