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Saved my life….

My wife had always worried about me driving long distances and left me a few items to ensure my safe return from traveling long distances for work each week. One was a “Nap Alarm” and the other a “Safety Tool”. The first item literally saved my life.

It was a long day of work and I should have just pulled into the nearest hotel, grabbed a bite to eat and settled in for the night. Instead, I decided to get closer to my destination for the next day so I would not have to travel too long in the morning. The traffic was light and I was feeling great for about 50 miles and it was then that everything became blurry. I thought I was wide awake, but the trees and highway lights lulled me into a trance and before I knew it, I was barely awake. My eyes were heavy and hard to keep open, but I only had a few miles. Suddenly I swerved a bit and my “Nap Alarm” saved my life. It shrilled and woke me up immediately. My grip tightened on the steering wheel and I was headed for the next exit for a good night’s rest.

The “Nap alarm” is positioned on your neck and if you begin to nod off or your head tilts in an unusual way like when you fall asleep, you will be jolted awake. I will forever be thankful for this gift and will always wear it when driving.




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