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Running with My Wildfire Pepper Spray

I don’t know about you but for me a long run after a hard day’s work is just what the doctor ordered.  No matter where I am I like to go and see the sites, but sometimes I find myself in areas that I don’t feel the safest.  Last night was one of those and I am grateful I had my Wildfire Pepper spray with me.

As I said before I like to run after a long day and so when finished up I headed to my hotel to grab my running gear and check out with the hotel clerk about any good running paths.  Most hotels do have some recommended paths that they feel are safer for their visitors and the hotel I was at was no different.  I grabbed the route and picked a quick 5-mile route and was off.  The route was going to take me through the city and then off into some residential areas, around some lakes and looked like a great run.  Around mile 3 I entered a nice area covered is a beautiful tree canopy, the kind you see in movies.  It had already gotten dark since the time change, so I was a little cautious since the tress were covering a lot of the street lights.  As I ran I was admiring the great holiday lights and failed to see 2 guys lurking in the dark further down the path I was on.  I don’t know what it was but for some reason I reached around and grabbed my Wildfire Pepper Spray off my running belt.  Maybe it was my Spidey senses, but I am thankful I did.  Just as I got to where the 2 guys were at, one jumped in front of me stopping me in my path while the other went after my running belt with a knife.  I am sure they were hoping for a pot of gold, but instead got a peppery treat.  Within seconds the tide was turned and I was able to spray both guys and get away.

It’s funny, I never had considered running with anything to protect me.  As a big guy, you think you can handle anything.  However, I am grateful for a good friend who was thoughtful and bought me my Wildfire Pepper Spray from 1st Discount Safety.  It was saved me last night and you can bet that I will be running with it every time I go out.

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